My awesome demo

A classic landing page MVP to capture leads for your upcoming product.

How it works

Feature 1

This demo page includes a sign up form that is fully functional.

Feature 2

When you sign up you will instantly receive a welcome email.

Feature 3

Made possible by an automated workflow, powered by Zapier.

How we improve your life

This website has all the elements of a classic landing page you can use to capture leads.Showcase your value proposition, product features and early supporters.Easily build a landing page like this for your own business idea with Carrd, our favorite website builder.

"This demo website helped me to launch my business, totally free!"

John Doe

"Not just another landing page demo. By far the best I've ever seen."

Jane Doe

"The first time I used this I was blown away. It just works!"

Joan Doe

Our plans


€1 / month

A website with textThe possibility to add imagesDesign it the way you likeAs much elements as you want!


€2 / month

Everything from starter, plus:
A functional formAnalyticsAutomatic confirmation email


€3 / month

Everything from Standard, plus:
Unlimited hostingFree iconsPhone support

Sign up to get notified!

Fill out your contact details and pick a plan to receive an automated welcome email. You can use a fake name (pick one from the testimonials above), but make sure to share your real email.

Thank you!

Check your inbox for a confirmation e-mail. As this is a demonstration website your email was not stored anywhere after filling out the form.

You can easily setup a Zapier "Zap" to store the names and emails of your subscribers in a Google sheet (or Airtable file) when you build a landing page for your own product.

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